Discussion about Olymp Trade

I like sleeping in the morning and only get to the trading platform later afternoon. So I guess the secret of difference in observations is revealed. Rates depend on the time of the day. First I felt so sorry I am missing the best cryptocurrencies time! You are right, that when you trade crypto-options with Olymp you don't have to deal with the normal risks of trades who buy altcoins and cryptocurrencies for real.
Anyway, I remembered that Brent has got good rates most of the time when I want to trade. I like trading oil, cause I feel myself an oil magnate, lol. Seriously, Brent is also very good for technical analysis in my opinion.
Just wanted to drop a few lines here with an update on the brokerage. I've funded my account about a month ago with modest $30 and doubled it in a week. Funding was immediate, first withdrawal took 3 days. I was asked to verify the account first and it took a while to collect the paperwork. The second withdrawal to the card was almost immediate, took couple minutes only. Hope this wasn't a bait and broker won't get bad soon after I invest more in my trading.
Glad to hear that. I'm still using demo. Have no idea why :D I think I just like the process.
So do you plan to invest more for real? Why did you do the withdrawal in this case?
Hah, I've been with Olymp long enough to assure you they won't close your account for no reason just to lock in your new investment. Reputation of a company with a 6 years history costs lot more than your deposit no matter how much you plan to invest.
I've done these withdrawals to see how smooth everything will go with the backwards money flow. I know some brokers will let you withdraw the funds first to relax you a bit. Other will only let you withdraw as much as you've deposited, no more than that. This is why it was so important for me to check out what they gonna do after I withdraw my $30 and want to withdraw more. All went as good as it actually could. My account is verified now. So I can invest more to trade with larger sums and have more return on account. You can't make a living by trading with $30 only. Even if you trade very well.