DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem -- The Tsunami as the erstwhile millenium came trickling to a close~

Had to have been in 98 when this one landed like a raging Tsunami......days when such words as "New York", F2 etc. were big names, with a bunch of I don't know Somalis, Ethis or what ladies in F2, and for the hungry hyenas with shallow pockets there was the STILL GOING STRONG SABINA JOYZ(looks much much better than the den it was back then)...nowadays it is still very handy on occasion for one simple reason, you can literally drink your arse out 24/7!!.don't know what happened to was it 3 Aden huko Luthuli chini...yaaani we used to skive school to go to this places to experiment, and of course at home there was the handy supply of maids to address teenage curiosities.....those days the outing was meticulously planned out....bus fare plus 5 bob short of one beer, and that beer was consumed very tactfully, that it appeared to be several beers through the night!!! My big siz they had even more of an advantage, all they needed was busfare or half busfare to town and thats it! but they got entertained!!.. halafu hapo ndani mpaka ngware matatu zikianza, watu hawakuwa na magari sana...siku hizi ni walevi tupu kwa road, na maybe Uber tatu na Little Taxi mbili hivi...I guess siku hizi wanaume wanachungulia huko ndani ya Kili Mum's on the look out for some of those wild ladies out there, or which the forum has no shortages whatsoever for want of a quorum!

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Hizi ngoma zako ni poa, lakini si uweke only one thread per day, badala ya kujaza server na umeffi
Kwani wewe ni Megabyte Adjutant? Are you privy of how many MB one posting holds? Ama wewe ni mwenye unahesabu messages kwa email inbox? If you don't understand these concepts steer clear of minutiae wee Mr. Referee wa kujiemploy. Sijui mbona wakenya wanapenda sana hii upuzi ya udaku. If I have to answer again, I won't be so me on that.