Listen to my wisdom if you can make money stay in uni till your 26, do not graduate . I see my friends out there wenye wame graduate with beat up women who demand crazy amount of things atleast shift between two to three uni before you give up uni girls for good. Most likely your first uni you din't do good atakama uliangukia aje if you apply to a second uni na you rent a full furbrished house utakamua 90% of freshas and second years. If what you care about is pu**y quantity this is best advice vitu nakula acha tu fresh fresh, tight tight, vajo after vajo, na pesa iko I hold bashes 2-3 times a week na ,azima nipate kama mbili each bash. As long as you are below 26 you can always blend in.

Also guys a tip, if you are very active in bed your erections will start getting weaker ukianza ku chapa google jelqing and kegels it has changed my life sahii mti ina power unaeza fikiria nime connect in a v8 engine

look for money baki uni till 26 kamua freshas and second years pekee(third year plus achia sponsors).


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Na hivyo ndio unajistagnate as said above. Imagine effort ya kurudi for a second degree, holding a party twice a week plus constantly courting multiple girls every single day. Yaani ukiweka hii effort in other matters unaweza songa sana hii maisha. But you wanna be stupid and focus on a wet crack.


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I've read a lot of stupid posts but this tops the lot. Kijana aliskia akitoka campus hawezi pata hao Wasichana ama nini? Waste two years of your life ( assuming you get your first degree at 24 ) because of pu**y? Sigwes


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He is the same person who claimed he is doing a degree in mechanical engineering, and the same he is doing a part time and in less than 3 years. Niko na memory kali.
Alisema ako JKUAT engineering part time. How?
Labda JABA base campus.