Senior Villager
Am not always in2 tyranny of numbers bt according to the political theatrics and psychology applied in politics 2017 regretably am inclined to think 4rm a kenyan politician point of view.bearing in mind am not bias.Is it true that :
nyanza votes are near to or equal to only three counties in central?bearing in mind that a county like kiambu can generate close to a million.
The eastern votes if everything remains constant might be 4 the oppos
Kisii county + western votes if theres anything to go by its a 2 way affair
Narok and north eastern theres no cleansheet to either of the candidates
Here comes the tricky part central and the rift valley are quite peculiar n have two things in common
1)the two of the largest communities
2)oneness in voting
In my view the two can easily generate 3m votes each and find 2m an ice breaker from the rest of the country.thats my view i know am not good in maths and reply with your numbers.

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