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In same gender loving relationships mutual masturbation is almost as common as penetration and can be an important element in having a healthy sexual relationship with your partner. Often neglected and sometimes taboo is solo masturbation while in a mynogomous relationship.
I'm the type of guy where you can be on the roof for all I care, I'm gonna get this nut out whether you're in the room or not. I'm long winded so I almost never get off during penetration and masturbation keeps me from being more backed up than pride parade port a john.
Despite being a completely natural act, it can cause issues to arise in a relationship. "Would you consider this cheating?" some ask.
Given the long history behind criticizing masturbators the act often carries a stigma of shame and guilt. When you look at the facts however, surveys show that anywhere from 70 to 95 percent of adult men masturbate, including people involved in monogamous relationships. According to Kinsey research, 40 percent of men in relationships masturbate.
While various old-fashioned social constructs might discourage people to be open about masturbating, the vast majority of men have never been ashamed to brag about marathon masturbation sessions.
So are we all a bunch of perverts? It depends on your attitudes regarding sexuality. Still most sexperts claim a successful relationship demands a certain amount of space. Sometimes you need a (sexual) moment to yourself, and there's nothing wrong with that.
By now you should be aware of how healthy and normal the practice of masturbation is, but when it comes to our partners' self-love, the lines can get murky. How much is too much? Does our sex life leave something to be desired? Am I giving him enough head?
Even though masturbation’s benefits have been regularly proffered, many people today still feel uncomfortable discussing it or having their partner catch them in the act.
What’s a healthy way to view masturbation? It’s appropriate, and a valid option in a relationship, when one’s partner is unavailable due to physical separation, fatigue, recovery from sex, or illness. It also helps balance discrepancies in frequency desires. Since there is no formula bestowed to couples that magically aligns two people to have the same level of sexual interest, masturbation is a good thread to weave through a relationship’s tapestry.
Most couples have a “higher frequency partner” and a “lower frequency partner.” This desire discrepancy puzzles many couples. They struggle with having sex when they don’t really want to. Some wrestle with deeply held feelings that they should be everything their partner desires sexually.
This is a nearly impossible task. Masturbation helps with an imbalance and helps couples avoid being coerced up or down in frequency by their partner. It’s an aid to a relationship over the long haul.
So is it important for you to still masturbate alone even though you're in a relationship?


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Masturbation is normal and can even be a healthy release of some pent up sexual tension.

But just like so many things in life, too much of anything is poisonous. Heavy masturbators are unable to PERFORM when it counts the most. They can't finish off their game unless they get themselves off.

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what's up with men oh sorry wannabe men nowadays? pipo acting like this the 21st century sijui they're civilised n crap thinking kuwa g** is the new thing n lesbianism! the list wud go on, lakini washa thu. iki ki homo ah sounds soft this fagget thinks he can post crap each tyme that we tolerate even accomodate...bitch please grow some balls will you?
Masturbation, just like shitting, is not a combined effort. It's a solo fantasy.
Just like the feeling you get when you are letting loose a heavy dump. Would you prefer to have the same beside your baby mama?
Guciara ti kumia mamieee
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