Do we really need democracy in Kenya?!


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MPs now entrench their hefty allowances demands into law

Mps greed: All eyes now on Uhuru.

If the President signs the Bill into law, the MPs will be entitled to a room for visitors, bevy of researchers, uninterrupted internet connectivity and a room for parliamentary parties to caucus.

The President’s signature will also give MPs greater leverage in pushing for some of their pending demands, among them the provision or outsourcing of a gift shop where they can buy presents, and the deployment of a public health specialist in Parliament.

“There must be outsourcing and a Java within the precincts of Parliament. If I do not want to eat in the Parliament restaurant, I can get fast food. So, this Bill is important for the commission to have powers to ensure that the facilities are up to standard as in other jurisdictions," said Duale.

“When I came here, I thought I was coming to paradise. But when I landed, reality sank that what I expected is not what I got. I hold the National Assembly with such exalted status. I expected things to move smoothly, be organised and services to be in an extent far much better than what we had elsewhere,” said Mr Oundo.

Konyagi in one interview said Democracy is expensive.
He was so wrong. Democracy is VERY VERY EXPENSIVE. To hell with it!!!

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Kama leaders hawana akili basi sitakuwa nimedanganya nikisema electorate ni wajinga zaidi cranium ni ya kupea kichwa shape hakuna ubongo


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I have said it many times in this forum that Africans HAVE NOT MATURED POLITICALLY TO HANDLE DEMOCRACY. Africans are WILD animals that can only function under Iron fist type of dictatorships