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Do you find yourself in this situation?

Born Tao

Village Elder
Is it just me who have child hood things that I have never outgrown? Sometimes I am having a meal and am fighting temptations of kubakisha kanyama and eat it last in a meal. I take yoghurt and I want to throw in that finger and lick the box clean. A while later I will be thinking about how much injustice I did to that yoghurt box. What is your nagging childhood thing?


Village Elder
I still dip bread kwa chai... I hear people find it disgusting, can't relate.
Lazima chai ipoe Ndio nikunywe.
I still cry to my momma and over her issues too.. like the sissy that I am
Lol hapo kwa mkate Tuko Pamoja :D:D:D ,mimi its worse cus hata sio mkate pekee ,you should look at how people look at me. The taste of dipped bread with melting blueband is heaven.