Dogs for sale


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Nko na german shepparts,long coats,8weeks parvo vaccinated nauza throw away price......short coat iko pia but no throw away price.

One boabel,star chest,iko pia at a price Ill disclose to any interested party!Lastly two jack russel terriers bred with a chihuahua ziko......

DOG people mko wapi tubonge biz???Remember,smart men love dogs......from footballers to artists to birrionaires to even peasants,mans best friend!


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ni pup ya 8 weeks maybe the boabel na its more than the $30.Unataka gani???If you serious that is
Havent done that yet lakini hatuwezi kosana.....I also offer training services....I have a really good trainer
I know its pronounced boabel but it grinds my gears when you write like it's a swahili word. Southafrican boerboel! Anyway hit my inbox with the photos, don't worry I know the price range. For the stud services let me see the male pics first