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  1. Victor Kibet

    Victor Kibet Villager

    Apa ni mapesa tu

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  2. Electronics4u

    Electronics4u Village Elder Staff Member

    Pics 6: Donald with Mj and Osama looking on in the background.
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  3. Meria Mata

    Meria Mata Village Chief

    ferk Trump and ferk you too NV
    jifundishe kuweka mbisha
    chukua kiti
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  4. captain obvious

    captain obvious Village Elder

    This guy used to look like a rockstar. Now he just looks like vomit. What can I do to age gracefully? I don't want to look like vomit when I grow old.
  5. Abba

    Abba Village Elder

  6. Abba

    Abba Village Elder

    Vegetarian is the way to go
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  7. Abba

    Abba Village Elder

    Learn to attach pictures well.
  8. MegaKing

    MegaKing Village Elder

    No need to worry about that, Blacks Don't Crack
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  9. 0%_Omera

    0%_Omera Village Elder

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