Don't Drink n Drive

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Too sad. You think of all the effort to required birth, raise kids, school them, feed, clothe, all that gone to waste in a flash. I was amazed how composed and peaceful she appeared during the funeral. Gods mercies be upon that family.

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I'm guilty of drunk driving too. They call me the drunken master kama Sam seed(kung fu). My reenlistment has given me a second chance of kicking the bottle.
are you the guy in krost who talked of getting an accident with a kisokorokwinyo (sp) and later dwyfwied her??
A similar thought crossed my mind earlier today (and before I came across this post), my family in the motz on the Nyahururu - Nyeri highway, I quite drunk and clocking 170kph at some point, in retrospect this afternoon I thought to myself - and asked my wife - wtf was I thinking doing that, what for? Not my young family, Not my worst enemy, not that crap, ever! Maulana atakaponiita aniitie njaro ingine, sio drunk driving. AND MY AVATAR IS GONE WITH THAT.
na watasema yote yalitendeka kwa mapenzi yake why would god let that asshole get drunk na amkubalishe kuingia kwa gari kudrive...

its sad for a parent to bury his/her should be the other way round
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