Don't Forget To Call Dad- Fathers' Day Sunday!


Village Commissioner
Idle phone conversations wachia wanawake.
Real men operate on text messaging unless they're discussing business or some real agenda.
Phones were invented for women.
I concur. I rarely call people unless it is extremely urgent or very important. If it's brief information I just text or send WhatsApp msg.


Village Sponsor
One time I was at an Mpesa shop, mama mwingine hapo was talking to her kids, it's like they were supposed to meet some place. Then she said, I love youuuu, lemme talk to your brother blah blah I love you. I'm like what the hell kind of madness is this, you can tell them you love them when you meet wereva you are going.

Ive always been blamed for being very different in phone conversations. I never say I love you on phone conversations even to a romantic partner. If you say it, I say me too. Ukinifinya Sana, I may, once in a blue moon text luv yah. Bas! Even when I am angry it's easier to text than call you to confront you on the phone. And even less in person. If NSIS was to listen to my convos wangeboeka Sana even with a love interest, nothing salacious and nothing lovey dovey either. Even over long phone conversation you will never hear me utter anything lovey dovey or salicious no matter how much the other party provokes me. When am chatting writing its another story though especially with people I am not serious with. I let it rip. I read their psyche then I type them what they like and amp it up, hyperbole. If they like being told I miss you, am like the way I miss yooouuu, am about to die. Then I reread it later for comical relief. It's like being an actor in a play. I can take on whatever personal I like when chatting, that I can't IRL or in person or on phone convos. It can be very entertaining as you watch the other party bcm all excited and eat it all up, not realizing its all a game to you. Then badaye when you talk on phone they're like how come you never tell me those things you type when we talk and I am like duhhh, because I don't mean them? People are very gullible especially when you tell them what they want to hear and that's how con men bait them. Moral of the story? Mapenzi ni Kutenda sio kusema. Talk is cheap.

Phone calls with my dad is 2 minutes, if I called him to say I love him he'd be like Child what is going on? with my mom is an hour or three with her doing most if not all the talking and remembering something she forgot to tell me right when she has said bye and there another hour goes.

Saying I love you is the least of the ways to show love. Love is a verb. Kutenda sio tuu kusema. If you love me you don't need to tell me, I will know from how you treat me. Even if they say women love words, if a woman keeps asking do you love her, it's bcz your actions are not loud enough you need to supplement them with words to make up for the deficit. Even if you never tell me you love me but your actions show it, that's enough for me. Lovey dovey ni za watu hawajakoma enough to understand what really matters in life. Talk is talk. Talk is cheap. An action is worth a thousand words.