Don't miss this one also. Tonight!!!


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He (Omar) doesn't mince his words. He will disintegrate Kalonzo and Raila especially now that he is wounded. I find him being welcomed by Ruto to Jubilee.


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Point missed.
You think people will get up early in the morning, find the fastest bus to western to vote for a losing team?
When everyone knows a loss is a foregone conclusion, turnout will be incredibly low in baba strongholds.
Tell @kush yule mnono, with all these defections from nasa, the illusions and the euphoria aroused by the Supreme Court are fast waning, and what they are likely to suffer is apathy in areas where they enjoy wavering support.


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Defections every passing day...

this is ithe same guy in 2007 went to a polling station without his ID and said "na si mnanijua?"
idiot was kicked out like a kimmy and was told arudi na ID ama kura hata piga.
though i hope he isn't given an post by JP.