Dr.Eng.Karanja Kibicho (CBS), Principal Secretary, State Department of Interior

Who is this man? How powerful? His motive? Where does his Allegiance point to?

The letter has no sign or stamp but it collaborates the story of the day.

On top of a June 7th Taifa Leo Newspaper. It might be a old newspaper used today to blind people but still......
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Forget even this letter, it can be claimed to be fake etc. However its is very easy to call a few people in that meeting and know more details. That's why the 4 CS's found themselves at DCI this morning and their "powerful" PS didn't even know it was going down. Anyway I was told mentioning a threat against DP Uncle Ruto is tribal :D skewed reverse psychology. Its out there in the open, let's deal with it. Huyu kibicho has sat on that seat only recently but he acts like he was born in it. He is just a civil servant, forget worries of leaving it when President Uhuru retires, he is leaving it sooner than he thinks.


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A mere ps threatening a whole deputy president? Dunia ina mambo. Definitely he has the bleasings of the high office. Its just that Uhuru couldn't give such weird instructions and so he uses the PS.


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Then I told people here that the draft constitution amendment bill has been ready for years. All these BBI is just a rubber stamp. 400 million each budget year wazee wakule wakitembea. You will be told people they want this referendum to keep this wazee's away from retirement homes. Those office of the President security accounts meant for officers who risk their lives to secure our borders and nation is what is used to fan this selfish quest.


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desperation. Reminds me of Raila and Artur brothers.
juzi tu Ruto and his bloggers sarcastically brushed off wetangulas claims of assassination but today I see them milking this with all they got.
Cheap propaganda is meant to target low IQ fools, on such un-official - high risk and dangerous assignments involving murder and political elimination, no sane govt official would ever write a letter or ever want to be on record.. we all know the high gear efforts to stop Ruto are there but we must be smart enough to know the source of such stupid letters.