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Don't be proud of that, you might have 20 mile long tapeworms. Get yourself some dewormer.
It's not being proud I'm being honest. It's simply being a kenyan wa Kawaida. You get to the hospital when you are unwell. And most cases get medication pale kwa local chemist.

But Ntapitia chemist leo nichukue dewormers. Asante
Nowadays it's rare to get minyoo. However, what still troubles a few folks is more of work related. Wading through rice fields, cultivating shambas barefooted etc. Those warms that penetrate the skin through the soft areas. Worms acquired through ingestion are rare as the standards of hygiene have risen considerably.
Having said that, chances are that if the patches are in more than one place and in small areas and not covering large chunks of the skin you could be having a skin reaction to an "amoeba" called Blastocystis hominis. Amoeba in quotes as it is not a true amoeba but spread in the same manner. A simple stool test would suffice. Drugs should be equally cheap. If not in small areas but evenly spread and accompanied by itching then probably we would think in terms of an allergy to sth. A simple lab test would be an eosinophil count. Eosinophils are a type of white blood cells that are elevated in allergic conditions. Anti histamines would do. If the rash covers a particular area, probably moist eg between the legs, na iko na a very sweet itch then we would think in terms of a fungal infection. My best bet ni amoebiasis. Erythematous skin reaction... All in all get checked and let's know what the causative agent was. Ugua pole. Usijisumbue na dawa ya minyoo lakini