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  1. OddGuy

    OddGuy Village Elder

    The guy, an Indian owner of the MediHeal group of hospitals, is running for MP Kesses in Eldoret... Came to Kenya about 18 years ago with Ksh 30,000 only. Now a birrionaire and is fluent in local dialect!

    Guys from those sides, what are his chances?
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  2. biraru

    biraru Village Elder

    NV kaliaga hii......brarefooo

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  3. Chifu

    Chifu Village Elder

    Venye mhenga bilawaru amesema hapo juu
  4. Jimit

    Jimit Village Elder

    Apewe ile gif ya NV ya bitch be humble
  5. spear

    spear Village Sponsor

    Life is determined on your mental attitude, persistent hardwork and knowledge. This is why immigrants sneak into usa, europe, asia and within a few years are doing better than most lazy, (serikali saidia) fellows in the same country. That is why i have no problem with Ug/Tz/Somali/S.Sudan/Ethiopian folks here who have made it. The same with all Kenyans in the diaspora. Ujipange vizuri.
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  6. IsMundu

    IsMundu Village Elder

    Ni NV lakini swali lake lina uzito.
  7. Alchemist

    Alchemist Village Elder

    You always hear of self made millionaires but will never hear of the self made mediocre man. Tafakari.
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  8. weed

    weed Village Elder

    that is the year 1999,alot of money back then. now yule mechanica wa jomo kenyatta should be having his group of garages...
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  9. scotch

    scotch Village Elder

    he is the man to beat, his closest competitor is henry kosgey's son
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  10. FieldMarshal CouchP

    FieldMarshal CouchP Village Sponsor

    One of this days Parliament will be able to conduct business in Gujerati.......................I think the next House will have at least 15 'Indians' - good thing if you ask me since they are democratically elected.
  11. ndume

    ndume Village Elder

    that man is a quack. He calls himself a Doctor but he is not. His wife, Paravi, is a doctor though. 99% of all deliveries at mediheal hospital were CS, it did not matter whether it was necessary or not. You get discharged after 2 to 3 days and pay about 100K. That was around 2007. Mediheal hospital was just a converted residential house then, no additional buildings. That is how the guy made his money.
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  12. Tarantinoh

    Tarantinoh Village Elder

    Been to his hospital the one along Nandi road, its a good place worth the money it charges.
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  13. upepo

    upepo Village Elder

    That is what we call "hardwork". I am yet to see a Kenyan billionaire who made his money with clean hands.
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  14. Budspencer

    Budspencer Village Elder

    Au contraire. Kosgey's son is in tindiret , nandi county. Mishra is Kesses, UG county. Jamaa atapata coz he's done a lot of 'bribery' like buying a cow for every member of the constituency with a marriage certificate, pesa kwa wazee, discounted medical fees etc etc. What you dont know is that he wants an influential position in politics to protect his gold business(possibly unga) in Naija and Kinshasa
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  15. scotch

    scotch Village Elder

    another son, Allan Kosgey, and he is throwing money around too
  16. Budspencer

    Budspencer Village Elder

    You're right. I didnt know it was his other son. Kesses constituents are being spoilt like brats but watalipa the coming 5yrs
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2017
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  17. scotch

    scotch Village Elder

    the one who is an mp ata haskiki parliament
  18. OddGuy

    OddGuy Village Elder

    Reminds me of Kehika Kimani...
  19. scotch

    scotch Village Elder

    some may be true heirs but most are just entitled brats who have nothing to show minus their surnames
  20. Abba

    Abba Village Elder