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  1. Tommy Lee Sparta

    Tommy Lee Sparta Village Elder

    @Meria Mata generator ya sparta ilikataa ku start, nikaitaa fundi akadai ni spark plug na ni change oil ati ni chafu akadai thao for plug na oil na labour punch

    apa ninachezwa ama nijibuyie mwenyewe ni wekee
  2. Meria Mata

    Meria Mata Village Chief

    if you have doubts get a second opinion v
  3. montecarlo

    montecarlo Village Elder

    Unatoa helmet kidogo unapigwa na upepo the unaendelea
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  4. Walker

    Walker Village Elder

    Brakes hua nakanyanga only when absolutely necessary na accelerator I tip toe pole pole....... I get delighted when I read 13kpl kwa calibrator
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  5. Eng'iti

    Eng'iti Village Elder

    Birrionaire @introvert ulisema unaajiri msee wa mkono ndani ya K5 awe anakupepeta na sahani ya Plastic? :D :D
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  6. introvert

    introvert Village Sponsor

    Nimeweka ceiling fan.
    Climate iko controlled.
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  7. Bantu

    Bantu Village Elder

    Kwa ufupi una maanisha shiny eye wacha ku sugar coat. Call a spade a spade
  8. shocks

    shocks Village Elder

    Service mechanics hugonga serious,
    Fanya hapa sample ya wasee huchajiwa how much for service na saa hizo ni oil filter, air filter na oil pekee zinakuwa changed. Akichange spark plugs bei inaongezeka. Ukiona wasee wanaongea story ya ku import their own parts jua wamechoka.
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  9. Alftall

    Alftall Senior Villager

    Far from it.
    Before fuel is dispensed, the pump must fill up the hose (priming).
    So in essence, the fuel present in the hose (from 1-3) belongs to the owner of the filling station.
    Now to the science behind it:
    Ideal liquids are incompressible (Fluid Flow topic). Therefore, the volume of fluid entering the hose at 1 must displace an equal volume at 3 (which is a loose description of the equation of continuity).
    Thus you do not lose any fuel in the process.
    [In retrospect, you must have thought of fuel dispensing as similar to draining a water pipe after disconnecting it from a pump. In case of filling stations, the pipe is never disconnected.]

    However, while priming the hose, extra care is taken to ensure no air is trapped in it, because air (which is a gas) is compressible. This way, you will lose fuel. This is why there is a glass section either at the Nozzle IMG_20180113_095231_382.jpg
    or at the base IMG_20180113_095144_389.jpg of the hose with two or three metal bearings to help us ensure that there isn't any trapped gas in the hose.
    I hope your question has been answered.
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  10. Tom Bayeye

    Tom Bayeye Village Elder

    asande sana
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  11. Alftall

    Alftall Senior Villager

    Welcome, anytime.
  12. snapdragon

    snapdragon Village Elder

    Speaking of which I just realized I go for 500+km on full tank 2.4l engine.local running I never go beyond 80kmph and if I do only when overtaking... Is this good or bad.
  13. bollingo

    bollingo Village Elder

    I thought that it is the other way round?
    A manual car doing 60kph on 5th gear will consume less than it would if it were in 3rd gear at the same speed ....