Drumpf consoles wrong victims


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there was another mass shooting, this one in California. As usual, Frump goofed again..

Trump Offers Condolences, for the Wrong Mass Shooting

President Trump appeared to offer his condolences for the wrong mass shooting on Tuesday in a late-night Twitter post, which was later deleted.
“May God be with the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas. The FBI and Law Enforcement has arrived,” Mr. Trump said in a Twitter post at 11:34 p.m., soon after arriving back in the United States from his 12-day trip through Asia.
That attack occurred more than a week ago, on Nov. 5, when a gunman opened fire at a church, killing 26 and wounding 20 others. Another mass shooting took place early Tuesday, as a gunman in California opened fire at an elementary school and other locations, killing at least four people and injuring several others before he was fatally shot by the police.
It was not immediately clear whether the error was caused by a sloppy cut-and-paste job by a jet-lagged president or some other issue. A spokesman for the White House did not respond to emails seeking an explanation.
But Tuesday’s tweet was very similar to a Twitter post by Mr. Trump on the day of the Texas shooting.
Critics on Twitter pointed out that the F.B.I. and law enforcement were in fact needed in California.
Tuesday’s shooting in Northern California was the 17th mass shooting this month, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive.


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4 dead after gunman ‘randomly picking targets’ goes on rampage in Calif., tries to enter school

A gunman shooting at random people and locations killed four people Tuesday in Northern California, attacking an elementary school and a woman driving her children to school during the rampage, authorities said.

This latest burst of gunfire to terrorize a community — which followed deadly mass shootings in Nevada and Texas — unfolded without an immediate explanation, as the gunman spewed bullets across what police described as “a very widespread area.”

Ten people were injured and taken to area hospitals, including at least two children, one of whom was at the elementary school, police said. No children were among those killed in the shooting, which ended when law enforcement officers, responding to the carnage, fatally shot the attacker.