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Drunk decisions LOL


Senior Villager
I remember this one time it was a Friday like today, we went to a ratchet club in utalii hse in the CBD with a friend of mine. It was his chic's birthday who subsequently came with her two pals. One very yeloYelo slayqueenish drunk lady , among her pals was looking at me with rape eyes. I was drunk and so it translated to me like so. She was these lawyer feminist things type of mama but on a ratchet day catalyzed by alcohol they give in to regular people like me LOL. So having been making out in the club and giggling rubbish in her ears as she laughed, it was my idea we should go to the loo's which were virtually empty and were seperate from the club. The toilets are within the building next to some elevators. Because we wanted to be incognito, I asked her to go first and I'd go pretending to look for her so I could bomoa a quicky in the toilets. Lol I mean this was a slum dunk. Slayqueen relegated herself to toilet sex ? Damn !! After a few I went on to 'look 'for her. Found her and since the toilets were beginning to get some traffic we got into the elevator and I pressed 7th floor lol . Maybe the furthest flow. As soon as the doors closed we were I was on all up on her making out and sticking my fingers in various places. Having reached 7th floor and door opened, the floor was dark as hell and thought heck this is it. We went to the staircase deck and pulled down her panties telling her to grab the rail apokee minute maid LOL. HAD I not stroked the first smash. This security guy appeared and grabbed my shirt. I pulled back and ran all my buttons falling off. My shirt now open kama superman running down the stairs, leaving the mama and her panties ( fyi that mama had a sanitary pad na anakubali kunyanduliwa Kwa stairs) pulled down. Entered the club with my shirt all open looking like I'm wearing scrubs. I told my boy, we'd been caught smashing and I needed him we go get her. Having gone back the elevator to 7th floor, by now about six other guards had come, hiding the mama hostage .. lol at least she had now dressed up and fighting for her 'rights'. I was lucky I only parted with 300/-bob after a long struggle. LOL the mama went on to the table and pretended nothing had happened. Only me and my boy knew we'd been in a shit situation and got off.

Can't get myself to forget the sanitary pad yet at that time it didn't seem to disturb my mind. Lol


Senior Villager
Eish, Senji, You were the 1st one to take off when the Guard came, Coward, and u knew he was a guard, you should have just continue and told him acha nimalize ukule ka mia,.....then a woman may have pads if she feels ziko karibu or ndo zimeisha, not only when ana nyesha
I was the first to run of course. Nibaki hapo nipigwe lol


Village Elder
Hahaha. Honest hekaya. You are a good man. Some fellows run away kabisa and leave their women to be chewed by rogue watchmen.