Dry Fry....No lube..pakeni mate


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Lets ask a pertinent question if you have 1k in your account right now and go out and buy stuff and if you take that stuff and compare with 1k in 2017 and the stuff it could buy...whats the difference in the quantity/quality
Ndio hio PPP.Assume you've been sending someone in the US,1000ksh annually .a litre of fuel in 2017 was around 103SH/per litre in KE and 0.64USD/per litre respectively . The 1K would get you 9.7 litres in KE. In USA the same 1k or $9.7 would be 15 litres at the the pump.
2022: Petrol price is 160SH/per litre and 1.25USD/per liter. 1K will get you 6.25 litres in Kenya. Same 1K (at 120/=)i.e $8.33 will get you 5 litres.

In dollars: Assume you've been recieving $10 annually .in 2017= 1030KSH would get 10 litres of petrol in Kenya and 15 litres in USA. In 2022 1200KSH will get you 7.5 litres in KE / 8 litres in USA.

You can deduce that the USD Is tanking faster than the shilling..in relation to petrol prices. Lakini, pia kuna subsidies in Kenya and America as well.