Dry fry on gf's Siz

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Leo Mwangih

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My chic came along to visit me Jana together with her younger siz for the weekend. So today morning my chic left the house for the salon tukabaki Na the siz. The whole morning the kagal is wearing a skimpy night dress exposing the whole thighs and we are just lying in the sitting room watching.

Now the male animal instincts are taking toll on me Na naskia kuomba vitu. How do i start it and if i succeed kupatiwa how will it affect our relationship consider i have dated my chic for 5 years and we are planning to marry next year.

Anyone with an experience on dry frying siz in law advise


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Kwanza tuma picha za hiyo "exposing the whole thighs", halfu advise will follow
Pics nigga pics....before abadilishe nguo...teke teke bana!
utasaidika ajy bila photoz buoy?
Weka picha kwanza kaka
KEBS Rule number one for advice on dry fry cases : Mbisha
KEBS Rule number Two for advice on dry fry cases : Rule number one.
Picha ya "just lying in the sitting room watching"...ongeza kwa hizo umeitishwa hapo juu.
mimi naurisa ufanye vile @BigMark, @The.Black.Templar, @Davidee, @Ingia, @village robot wamesema, hata scan inakubalika:)
Waiting for pics.gif
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