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  1. spear

    spear Village Sponsor

    No, they also have more shareholding owned by former President Moi. How do you think they got licences back then when it was impossible.
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  2. ngomi

    ngomi Village Elder

    guys and the gurus plus,ive subscribed the compact plus n i pay the now 5200 and all this ni juu ya epl pekee and siku hizi naona mama akiwatch TLC sana if there is another good option nipatieni tu please hata kama nta save 500 pekee inaeza okolea mahali na msinaimbie kodi i tried it na when game yangu tu inaanze that thing starts to freeze so am lookin for an option hatutasumbuana na kama hakuna pia mseme tu hapa
  3. Luther12

    Luther12 Village Sponsor

    If EPL is what you need, the only alternatives for you are beIN and Canal+, both capital-intensive.
  4. Kalintosh

    Kalintosh Senior Villager

    You could install an 8-foot dish & get Varzish. It has EPL & it's free. Ucl is being broadcasted there too. If you don't mind the Tajikistan language. You could also revert to fibre & get premium IPTV like IPTV Subs or Ace TV Streams. There are local Iptv resellers - you can pay them with Mpesa. As @Luther12 said, there's also the option for beIN & Canalsat. If I can get an agent for the latter, I will dive right in
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  5. Kalintosh

    Kalintosh Senior Villager

    As for the price, I think they're good enough. We've a viewing centre & we use the Compact package. I actually would have preferred beIN or IPTV for use both with viewing centre & @ home but infrastructure is limited. No fibre & the high cost of installing beIN + the current Gulf crisis. What worries me most is what will I do if there's an error? That's why I still stick with the Afrikaans
  6. Luther12

    Luther12 Village Sponsor

    No effect on existing clients. They're renewing subs via PayPal.
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  7. maks

    maks Senior Villager

    premium should be 5k , compact plus 3550, compact 2650, family 1250 and access FREE ACCESS tihihihi

    NB: all channels should be pure HD almost 4k
  8. Kalintosh

    Kalintosh Senior Villager

    We have decided to install beIN. We have lost some revenue because DSTV lost the EFL rights to Kwese. So, rather than spending an extra 3k per month on a Kwese subscription - on top of the 6.2k we spend on DSTV Compact Plus & Extra View - we decided to get beIN. We make an average of 5k per match with our viewing centre & a tournament that we can't show is a big loss. We already got an 8 - foot dish for a throwaway price & an old beIN decoder with a smart card. The package that's on is the access package that's expiring soon. We will try to get the Top Sport package once the latter ends next month. Is re-subscription online straight forward with PayPal online? Will it bring up errors or phone verification issues? cc @Luther12
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  9. Giggz

    Giggz Village Elder

    Inbox contact za reliable IPTV seller hapa Kenya and give rough price.