Dubai Boy played by Lover


Senior Villager
A Kenyan boy based in Dubai has been played by his girlfriend in Kenya. They were having an online love affair. The boy used to send 10k per month for the girl's upkeep. He also bought her a laptop and a P8 phone. Kumbe the girl has being playing him all along. She was having sex with different f**k boys as the boy struggled in Dubai washing dishes.

The girl dropped the bomb shell today on IG. The boy is now contemplating suicide.
This was last year during valentines when the boy had visited Kenya.

The boy also took the girl on holiday in Mombasa. He also bought air tickets to impress her.
Nilisema hapa kitambo kuna dockets tofauti. Kama yako ni ya Finance wewe jitolee na utume pesa uwezavyo. Mungu atakubariki.
Naye wa Internal Affairs wacha afanye kazi yake bila kusumbuliwa. It's very selfish for someone to be soo far away, send peasant cash to a high maitenance chic (10k, really?) and also expect her to remain faithful for months. Surely surely, it ain't fair.
Chembilecho wahenga, fimbo ya mbali haiuwi nyoka.