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We read about the herbivore men shortly it was the pussyfication of men then come the real men. All this were targeted at the men. This points to trouble within the man especially the black man. His masculinity and power is slowly diminishing. The woman is taking over and she is not leaving anything behind. I urge all parents to boys to keep a close eye on them as we have become an endagered species.

Recently a woman just proposed to man. Like WTF is wrong with this world?? How can you as a female propose to a man?? Is it because of the equality agenda? Desperation? Good D? What is wrong with you ???o_O

I just can't fathom this BS NKT

Here is the picture

no b.jpg


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What's the big deal here, women nowadays do much more than propose. If you have never been in the sights of a monied, liberated woman, then you know shit!
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