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  1. Lilian254

    Lilian254 New Villager

    Hey guys I need some aasistance coming up with an e-commerce website , since its a new business we will agree on a monthy payment strucure as the bussiness grows.Thanks ,contact me
  2. Prometheus

    Prometheus Village Elder

    What help do you need? Money? Website structure & set-up? What's your security if the business doesn't pick up? Does it support an existing business with current sales or is it a new venture?
  3. Lilian254

    Lilian254 New Villager

    Website structure & set-up , its a new venture but incase it doesnt pickup I will still pay as per our monthly written agreement .
  4. Prometheus

    Prometheus Village Elder

    Inbox me your idea. I can set you up with a company that would set it up. If you need an NDA that's fine too.
  5. dufia

    dufia Senior Villager

    You can inbox the details
  6. Zinov

    Zinov Senior Villager

    Hello, Goodmorning..just came across your post
    I worked for kilimall.co.ke and helped set up their interactive website. Especially categories and sub-categories and coding. Iam an online content manager and SEO marketing specialist. If you are interested we should meet and talk..my no is 0795531783. Official email is marketing@insigniaproductions.global
  7. Samy

    Samy Villager

    You don't have to design and build a ecommerce website from scratch - that is too expensive..
    Use the already existing free services like Shopify, Wix or Wordpress to help you design and build the website.
    Only thing you might need to buy is a domain name and host which costs around $100.
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  8. nobert

    nobert Senior Villager

    GoDaddy can do you that sort of thing too...