Eating out - tips you can never ignore


Village Chief
1. All Hail The Queen

When you want to make your girl feel special then this position holds a significant importance. Also, you get a living crown on your head.


2. Doggy Goes Oral
It is a passionate and wild position to eat her ass like a crazy dog. This position makes her legs weaken and she'll moan like hell, we all know there is nothing sexier than that.


3. So-fa So Good
Such positions helps you both to enjoy each other at the same time which doubles the pleasure and makes your girl go wild which lengthens your time with her.


4. The SpiderMan
I know what you’re thinking, having access to your girl’s whole body along with her eating you at the same time is completely insane. You can eat your girl out and play with her b**bs


5. The Leg Up.
Ooohh yaaaas baby girl!! By having a leg up you get more excess to her parts and your tongue get a path to go a long way to eat her out which gives her pleasure of her life.


6. Side Car
This is a different yet most pleasurable way to enjoy your time with your girl because you communicate without words and your actions say it all. And girls are quite good at understanding.


7. The Deep V
Such positions makes it quite easier for men to eat both holes while being in the same pose. He can enjoy your time with your parts while you can give him erections by moaning your heart


8. Cliffhanger
So positions like this can give your back ache and stuff but they are totally worth it. You both can have time of your life and will make you stick together for a long period of time.

Enjoy eating your girl out.