Ebola spreading like wildfire!


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Three more Ebola confirmed cases in Uganda.

Kenyans waiting patiently for more news
@digi tulisema nini about scanty news. Kama hutaki kupeana Habari kamili kaa nazo. Where exactly are the cases and their proximity to the border of Kenya.Is there a travel advisory from MOH or GOK for no non essential travel? Ninakuanga nimekueka standard moja na Xtian Dela but unaniangusha. Don't bring half baked news next time. Hio journalism ulifanya nimeanza kuishuku.
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I remember Trump posting on Twitter everyday that Obama should stop all flights from West Africa.
Now that he's president, I wouldn't be surprised if he stopped all flights from East Africa.

Uncle Sevo must control this thing asap.


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They are nuts! The virus has killed over 1500
They're hungry and in a failed state, perennially harassed and displaced by militia from their homes to search for minerals . Don't blame them for eating monkeys and bats. This is what poor governance and western interference can do to a country.


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Theyre perennial IDPs what do you want them to do. Who will eat a bat out of choice???

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Not IDPs the locals eat all kinds of bush meat they have been doing so for generations ! To each their own but I stop at primates and carnivores , dogs and cats a big nono , Cameroonians love cat meat had one say they can hardly wait for them to grow before they find themselves in the pot , I was left wondering how much meat even a full grown cat has !