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Senior Villager
- A
newlywed wife from Longisa in
Bomet County has approached
village elders to help her get a
solution to her husband’s rare
condition which is threatening
their marriage.
The husband who is a teacher by
profession and only identified as
Kiprono reportedly faints each
time they make love.
Kiprono who before his marriage
was rumuored to be the only
known virgin in the area faints
and must be taken to hospital
each time they consummate their
The incident first happened on
their wedding night when the
two were making love.
The wife said that while doing it,
her husband said that her
sweetness was killing him and
before she knew it, he had
fainted and was rushed to the
Various tests confirmed that he
was in perfect health and the
incident was dismissed with
doctors saying that it could have
been as a result of fatigue.
Just a day after, he fainted again
while enjoying the forbidden fruit
and now it raised eyebrows.
Kiprono’s mother accused the
young wife of being in a cult and
to prove that she is not, asked to
be present when they make love
to confirm for herself.
The woman is contemplating
visiting a witchdoctor for a
solution because she fears one
day her husband may collapse
and never wake up again.
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