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Do you think Eldoret is ready to be the 4/5th city in Kenya?

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  2. No

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  1. Country_boy

    Country_boy Village Elder

    Eldoret is just a few weeks away to be declared a city. This thread will showcase the developments that the town is currently experiencing as Eldoret seeks to be the top economic hub in Western Kenya

    Starting us off is the facelift of KVDA Plaza one of the iconic buildings in the region. What do you think guys? A beauty, isn't it?

    KVDAa.jpg KVDA2a.jpg
  2. Lexix

    Lexix Village Elder

    is the moi university pension fund house almost finished? i heard it was going to be the tallest in western kenya
  3. uncle nyam

    uncle nyam Village Elder

    eldoret is a one street town. but growing quickly
  4. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

    yaani mmepata gorofa moja and now you want a city status?

    ebu show us more pics
  5. fishmonger

    fishmonger Village Elder

    It should be just because of its strategic location but not because of its size. Eldoret is same size as Thika today.
  6. Useless Spectator

    Useless Spectator Village Elder

    @Deorro move this to the county subforum atleast hiyo side ichangamke
  7. Country_boy

    Country_boy Village Elder

  8. Country_boy

    Country_boy Village Elder

    Haha ha chill photos zitakuja... here is the view from MUPS... the tallest building West of Nairobi DE7E1FpXkAAedCD.jpg
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  9. Lexix

    Lexix Village Elder

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  10. anono88

    anono88 Villager