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  1. GERALD9949

    GERALD9949 Village Elder

    Electricity generation has plenty of private power producers.
    They sell their power at higher tariffs than Kengen because most of them are in Thermal .
    Tsavo Power Mombasa(Diesel)
    Rabai Power Rabai(Diesel)
    Triumph Power and Thika Power(Heavy Fuel Oil)
    We do have a few like Lake Turkana Wind and OrPower4 which runs Olkaria 3 which are not in Thermal.AGIL is also investing in Geothermal.Despite this private entities ask for higher feed in tariffs than Kengen.
    70% of our energy is produced by Kengen.
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  2. bollingo

    bollingo Village Elder

    Thanks for the insight. & distribution, why KPLC only?
  3. GERALD9949

    GERALD9949 Village Elder

    Duplication of infrastructure.Imagine if we had 3 distributors and three power lines passing beside every road???We could go the British way and have different distributors on the same line, but from the latest data, that is unviable. Nairobi consumes 48% of Kenya's power, meaning the distributor here would make profit while those elsewhere would make losses.
    At this time, KPLC is the only viable distributor.