Use Less

Village Elder
I am in the middle of Luo Nyanza (Holo - Kisumu/Bondo border) and from the "wrong" tribe and guess what? The mental image I had of Luos being violent has been rudely disproved by the very gentle, welcoming and peaceful people I have met in a while. Where do TV stations get the stone throwing hooligans they show? I am so embarrassed that I had almost fallen for the brainwashing campaigns that certain people are propagating. Shame on me!


Village Elder
Oh stop. People in Karibaribi and Muringato villages have never seen a stone thrower in their lives. Are we supposed to believe the goons don’t exist?


Village Elder
Stereotypes arise because of a fault in human judgement. And then they become so widespread that people feel a need to live up to those stereotypes. Then it becomes a self-fulfilling cycle.

The people you see in demos, looting etc are usually a loud minority, and usually paid to do so..