End of Year it is

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Senior Villager
So..finally the year is ending..no new
year new me thingy for me... ..I'm
gonna be me n 2015 will adjust and
make the universe work for my good..but
I got some lil advice 4 u loved ones..dnt
sit wherever u are and wait for miracles
to happen..take chances...learn to tell
the truth..those singles out there..date
someone totally wrong for you..ul learn
to appreciate the right ones once you
get them...spend all ur cash..life is
short ..get to know someone
random..u never knw wat the future
holds..be random..like dah!!.its a great
feeling ..say I love u often..especially
to people u really love..sing out
loud..laugh at stupid jokes..cry..apo
logize...tell someone how they mean to
you..u never know how long they will be
with you..tell a jerk what u think..they
dnt deserve ur empathy..laugh till ur
stomach hurts..live life...REGRET
NOTHING..n ul live to see 2016
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