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End the suspense already!!!

Can't wait to see who won the election... Its I've over a hundred hours since they started counting... Plus it must be easy without any spoilt votes... What happened to those anyway?
Clearly, if they weren't there this time round.... deduce...
I'd like to, but I'm biased. Can't really think clearly with all this tribalism clouding my thoughts...
Once every five years, I throw reason out the door for a few months running up to elections and the few months following it.
I get deluded and only see people as Luos or Kiuks, depending on who they support. I know luos from nandi, kisumu, meru, mombasa, machakos..etc
everyone else becomes a kiuk, some from nandi, kisumu, meru, mombasa, machakos.. etc. and they can never be right...
unless of course, we meet in the ethnic cocoon and decide otherwise, then I begin the process again,.. In 2002, everybody who was pro establishment was kalenjin,
some from nandi, kisumu, meru, mombasa, machakos, etc.