Enforce profile pic legislation


Senior Villager
I agree, vulgar or suggestive imagery in profile pictures should not be tolerated. You cannot put the 18+ warning on it. I am a minor, how can I set my eyes upon such things, kkkkkk
nothing inappropriate here...
I'm just advocating for routine gynaecological exam.
mimi ni daktari.
that's me seated kwa hio picha
Heheheheee :D:D:D:D
ata mimi , my profile pic is of a man examining another guy for PROSTATE CANCER .... I advice all men to examine each other coz cancer itatumalisa :oops::oops::oops:
@SwagMargeddon , @Motokubwa @MadPhilosopher , @digi na @Kimakia wakuje haraka niwaangalie prostate using my method free of charge....although tunajua @Kimakia prefers the other intrusive examination method :p:p