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I like reading Gerry Loughran articles in the Sunday Nation, however I find most of the jokes at the end of his pieces drab, recycled or not funny. But this one got me laughing

"A couple had a blazing row and the wife announced she was going to her mother. The husband said, OK, he was going to his mother. “So what about our six children?” the wife asked. He replied: “You’re going to your mother and I’m going to my mother, so the kids will have to go to their mother.”


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He has a unique writing style that draws the reader in and makes you want to go deeper and deeper to get the meaning in his words. He is one of the reasons I read Sunday Nation.


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Today's article made me think about the "English Heaven" as painted by Kambuda is not heavenly after all.

A black teacher was stabbed in the stomach by his student who goes on to brag about it on facebook.
i concur.. he should have gone on Instagram
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