Entitled female kapata dawa yake

Tom Bayeye

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huyo dame wa train amechapwa slap hadi weave ikwachana.thats why sisumbunagi na watu wamenyamaza those ferkers can set you back to your deafult setting
He should be glad their bros/bfs/family aint in gangs coz hii inge end in several drive bys and revenge drive bys. In the end like 10 men would have died over this one fight. I know a Kenyan guy whose bro SLAPPED his black american gf in the US, in a week drive by he came back dead and left his kid hukos never to remember anymore. Black American women achana nao, theyre not like Kenyan women who have no backup. Kama hii case ya Njahi a hit would have been put out for his ass in remand/jail.

Theyre just waiting for a reason to kill. Disrespectin' their womens, you dead

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