EPL match day 4


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Tough match today against Stoke. We need the team to come out blazing.

Side note: Watched Mbappe first game for PSG Jana. He is totally worth the £163 paid.


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I am always weary of Bournemouth ...
Can't wait to see today's line up.
Ion football from 2:30 pm is a good way to spend a weekend.
Predicshens za Leo ni noma.
@123tokambio . what's your take on today's match?
First 15 mins will an entertaining match to.watch, then the players will say their vote of thanks and retreat to their respective cocoon. Then tubaki na empty busy bodies running like headless chickens :D
anyway, I hope we win. 3-1 is my prediction today (f**k cech) and Laca to score. Sanchez aume bench wakiwa na Xhaka....sande sana.