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I don't blame mourinho. He is working with what he has an the remnants of two coaches. Next summer he will have four signings and he will now have his starting 11. 4+3+4
I don't agree with you. They have spent more than 500 m pounds since Fergie left. One would think he can at least improve the style of play.
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Mourino came to England and messed English football, looking at things now, Pep is going to change England football for the better. I don't see a team that is going to beat Man City this season, and the boys are playing good football.

Arsenal leo tunakamua mtu billa arimis.
Don't underrate Burnley. In 12 games they have conceded 9 goals; the third least in the PL. Alafu walishika Tottenham na another team (can't remember).
Arsenali itabidi walete their A-game to the pitch na wabebe wachezaji wabora si kama ile lineup ya Europa!


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The wk after CL and europa huwa balaa. My money is on Arsenal and city losing. City are currently headed for a goal drought, stay away
i kinda agree. with their last 2 games, the fire might be dying kidogo or other teams are on to their games.

for Arsenal i'm going with over 2.5

and today PSG has been given the highest odds ever since the beginning of the season. 1.44 for a win. normally a win is priced less than 1.2


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Niliwaambia hizi ng'ombe zinaintwa arsenal watakimbizwa hio pitch.... Playing on thur sijui wapi then coming back to play away from home aint a joke..... Kuponea chupuchupu.... Hata ni vizuri wamequalify..... Hii season hawapenyi top 4 na hizo game za thursady then fa iongezewe pia