EPZ workers block the highway at Mazeras

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@ mathaais, Youths disrupt
Kalonzo Musyoka rally
in Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo
Jnr, other leaders, flee
attacks. Youths attack and
disrupt a rally that was
to be addressed by
Wiper party leader
Kalonzo Musyoka at
Kasikeu market in Makueni County on
September 4, 2015.
Maendeleo Chap Chap
banners have attacked
and disrupted a rally
that was to be
addressed by Wiper party leader Kalonzo
Musyoka at Kasikeu in
Makueni County. The rowdy group
attacked people who
had gathered for the
meeting with whips
and catapults. They also dismantled
tents and carted away
plastic seats. Political leaders,
including Makueni
Senator Mutula Kilonzo
Jnr, fled the venue. When given audience by
Governor Kivutha
Kibwana, the youth said
they are opposed to Mr
Musyoka and Machakos
Senator Johnson Muthama. KALONZO KEEPS OFF Unconfirmed reports
indicatet t
youths were protesting
the mistreahtment their
MP Regina Ndambuki
received from some Wiper supporters
during the party’s
retreat at Maanzoni last
week. Ms Ndambuki was
criticised for supporting
the Maendeleo Chap
Chap drive that was
recently launched by
Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua "to deliver
Ukambani people from
shackles of poverty". Mr Musyoka, who had
not arrived at the
troubled venue,
abandoned it and
proceeded to a meeting
in Emali Town. Mr Musyoka, a former
vice-president, and Mr
Mutua, a former
spokesman, are locked
in a bruising battle for the control of Ukambani
vote bloc.


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Hii ushenzi ya kufunga bara bara inafaa iishe, I remember an episode back in 2013 when armed Maasai morans blocked Athi river-Namanga highway for over 7 hours protesting the death of a night watchman, threatening to burn the petrol station where he was working if the owner did not produce the thugs that killed him...... I took the intervention of Kajiado governor to re-open the road, what did the innocent motorists have to do with their protest??
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