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  1. Electronics4u

    Electronics4u Village Elder Staff Member

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  2. Hii yako ni utoto. Endea ngozi mahali ulitae

    Mcoondu Maji
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  3. Budspencer

    Budspencer Village Elder

    Na Bwana ya Abscondita?
  4. hakimoto

    hakimoto Village Elder

    commercial breaks ina wenyewe boss.
  5. 0%_Omera

    0%_Omera Village Elder

    Hope sio screwplus.
  6. hakimoto

    hakimoto Village Elder

    uyo asilete gifs zake uko
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  7. It's Le Scumbag

    It's Le Scumbag Village Elder

    I can see that The Uppuss Village Band is quite strong here in the village. Soon we go take over the proceedings...
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  8. LeoK

    LeoK Village Elder

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  9. LeoK

    LeoK Village Elder

    huyu mtu Wa maredio simu yake tuonyeshwe latest traffic. apan tambua hongo za anasa.
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  10. Meria Mata

    Meria Mata Village Chief

    Asanteni sana kwa kunipa hii jukumu during this upcoming historic occasion, usiku wa tarehe saba i don't have any plans of sleeping at all and at exactly midnight tafungua super thread watu waanze kuchangia kisha nielekee polling station yangu pale niko as media observer. Celebrating alone is mean kwa hivo kila mtu amenipigia kula anapata KCr 10.
    Elder Statesman.
    Peace Peace Peace.
    Let's be done with this thing maisha irudi normal, import inasema itakuja after erections.
    Ticket yangu from baba ya cannan pia napeana
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  11. MaryJane

    MaryJane Village Elder

    :D:D:D:D:D:D hiyo Air Canaan imenimaliza.
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  12. Okwonkwo

    Okwonkwo Village Elder

    Upuss ndio walikuwa second in votes
  13. Electronics4u

    Electronics4u Village Elder Staff Member

    You win it hands down.:D:D:D
  14. DeliciousShiko

    DeliciousShiko Village Elder

    Aki juu me hizo gif zake zisha nichosha
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  15. Patrome

    Patrome Village Elder

    we as the uppuss coalition are challenging these results in court...this was a sham and a blatant violation of our constitutional rights!
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  16. Afro

    Afro Village Elder

    as one of the contenders,i humbly accept the results and wish you well..
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