Elections should be held each and every month for no apparent reason to those who care less or don’t at all.

Why do I insinuate this?

It’s no doubt that women are taking our hefty state to their shoulders with such passion that no matter how generous you are, you wont even lift a finger in the name of lending a hand. The only finger you lift is to show that nigga next to you a bee about to hive in his agape mouth. They turn out in mammoth numbers to exercise their democratic right as if it is the only one they have or else the last. I tell you they show up without leaving anything behind.

That noted, do you want to see all these feminine species, petites, blondes, momos, milfs, yellow bones, red thighs, 128mbs, flat screens, ting tings, slay queens, @pseudonym alias bonner activators etc etc name them, all humble and lined up? Yes aint the answer I heard but gps coordinates are what everyone wants.

Yes. For sure, just turn up to any polling station and what you see keeps the optician away for real. There are many forums that will serve the same purpose like our esteemed chief’s, @Meria Mata pale thibitari time ya autopsy and others like @psalmy kamwaro’s church heathen but why is this the nailer?

It’s simply because this is a win win situation. A superloaf and brookside dispatch trucks head on corrosion in Kawangware, a Durex van ramming into capacity packed Matuu Memorial Girls’ High boo heading to Masinga town just few kilometers from Kaewa when Masinga Boys’ High dudes are out for cross country! Yaani like an EABL loaded miguu 18 stuck in a ditch on a Friday evening near @Mundu mulosi’s village depot on date 13 of a certain month just after a recruits sweep around that has left thousands busaa liters flowing in fountains and chief brewer behind bars. This is a win win situation since the rest of the weekend, a hotbed of peace is created. Not even a single night runner, not even the @Bingwa Scrotum ones will have time to waste!!

What am I trying to drive home? You are there feeling all patriotic, doing the only thing that this land’s constitution allows you to do as the boss and CEO! It’s such a big deal that you can even notice the change of atmosphere, birds stopped singling now they are humming in collaboration, chizi wa mtaa is in a newly branded tee and cap, the forever tinted V8 and 352 magnum tycoon @uwesmake out in the open( just like fish out of water) and so on…. As you digest all this, swallowing in the miasma of self, a side effect kicks in without even knocking.

Gate crushers are highly disregarded no matter how much positive attitude portrayed. But ALAS! This is irresistible! You get to wash your eyes thrice or more, cleanse, align pupils, rogue lashes trimmed, shadows check, mecho nyanya become milk white, some lens get added then a petal soft warm towel wipes so tenderly and attentively then finally the sockets are oiled. All of a sudden, you discover that it’s true that you are HD compatible. Only an upgrade was actually needed. Just to confirm, you menu, settings, display, vision, visual version?

Latest version: 27.10.2017

Last upgraded: A moment ago

Version: 1080p HD

Ahem, am just here enjoying my pro vision version! I can zoom to my satisfaction, activate night vision with a blink and am sure nikitaka, ata laser naweza emit! These are just a few capabilities I’ve learnt to control and still on the process of unveiling more!!

Nione mtu hapa akiniambia ati effidense, I’ll tell you for free, you are not team RWNEEEEBP!!!!


17800410_1280489962068718_5548165846233242131_n.jpg IMG-20160116-WA0027.jpg
17264870_449156905475980_1645477324026474439_n.jpg 17021865_1600582763289464_452494608223333519_n.jpg
17103311_1749790712017027_3380198097385348235_n.jpg 17757265_1267478890016969_8277632369088443700_n.png.jpg

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila.Cast your vote!

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila. Cast your vote!