Errol Spence vs Mickey Garcia

As was largely expected, Spence defeated Mickey yesterday night, however the way he did it was completely unexpected. Most people expected an early knockout, with Spence relentlessly moving forward and using his size to bully the smaller man. This did not happen because it turns out Spence was not looking to knock out the small man. He was out to prove that he was the better fighter not because of his size, but because of his skillset, and he did this by completely dominating Garcia in every aspect of the game. He out boxed him on the inside and on the outside. He was the faster man and had better defence. Mickey could not even manage 10 shots a round but he soaked many bombs, what a chin he has! In short Spence outsmarted him on the area where all the pundits had given mickey the edge and just like that Spence suddenly became a boxing superstar. I think we have an heir to the throne left by Mayweather.