Eurostar ES-9600


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Vipi Wadau?

I am a newbie on matters FTA. Thanks to you for the informative threads I have been reading here.

I have a GTV decoder, which I have used to nab Nilesat-201 and Eutelsat 7A birds on the 90cm offset dish. I just can't seem to tune in to the built in FTA Channels on Eutelsat 7A.

Today, I bought ES-9600. I was convinced by the fact that it receives MPEG2 channels. Attached is the effidence..
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Was it a hit or a miss?
Thank you.
A HUGE MISS:D:eek::p


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I thought it was a good deal...
But I guess kuna a starting point for everything... I'll start looking for better a one when in Nairobi.
You don't need to be in Nairobi. We now live in a global village. You can buy a product at the comfort of your home.


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I am surprised I nabbed three birds just by varying dish elavation. The equator is less than 15km from where I live. I am gonna enjoy this...
The only change you need soon is a bigger dish, better lnbs and different Lnbs. Welcome to the Asas bug, once it bites you never look back