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The irony of Jason Derulo is that he has very huge and catchy radio hits but somehow most music fans are not captivated enough to listen to his full albums, a sentiment accurately captured in the latest edition of Billboard magazine (see below)


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LMAO @Smith_ this comment from Gawker embodies everything I thought about him but could never articulate.

"Jason DeRulo is the Mr. Pibb version of EVERYTHING. He dances like Chris Brown. Voice gets tremulous like Michael Jackson. Songs sound kinda like something Usher would sing. But he’s so generic that I wouldn’t even be able to point him out in a lineup. I feel bad for the guy, even tho his new song has been topping the charts. Nobody cares that HE sings it. He and Rita Ora ought to start dating. Maybe their combined incorporeal meh-ness would conflate into something substantial."
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