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my exe is married with 1 6yr old kid, bn DFHKM for a while en on myside niko na wife 2 yrs 8months kid, Below is what catches my mind vile she told mi kwa sms za leo, mi humulenga though bn persistent nikaanza conversation.

Back story in brief....

Ujinga wa afta kuwa cut, u hit anythin available at ur door. So kwa upuzi I met her, we rhymed en her's were ever available til she hit mi akonaball yangu at that age. I opted 4 ****, though later I discovered it was a lie, she was testing how commited I am. But I ran for the hills, paid for an **** that never was there.

Present times... she sends mi these sms

HER.Wat happened that u don pick my calls sweetheart.

..If nilikukosea sijui maybe uniambie: nilikuwa nataka kushare a certain kashtori with u concerning me n u dia but sijui wat is happening with u

MI...Old age dia, nimezeeka aki

HER...Hehehe Tiga wana ukuru riu kava wee urenda ukuru

HER...Xaxa skiza, ni kuzuri na nikubaya pia

MI..Niambie dia,

HER..Najua utajam: niko na ball yako 55 days old nimepigwa scan: nikasema nitakushow vile utaichukulia nitakubali

MI..Umeniplay b4 dia nahizi story dia. Naprocess

HER...Swts nalijua utasema hivyo but nakwabia ukweli na ucount: u will see the exact date

HER..U knu sipped sex vile n remember vile ulinitomba that night

Mi... Sweetie, si I process first, coz now am thinkin too much nasiconnect how an independent lady as in u, would or decide to that extreme, thought u know urself

HER...Nakupenda dia n this is my happiness actually i have lived to tell u that nitakuzalia n God ameskia maombi yangu

Mi.. It's a blessing in so many ways, especially kwangu. Naogopa I may say things not worthy ur ears.



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Been there sired alot of kids ånd its never a happy ending,mila ya waluhya nikuchukuwa watoto,imagine turned kitu 35 years in jan the same day as old fart,sorry old mon ,kazi nikushugulikia mahitaji ya watoto,UFISI NI GARAMA .


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I don't call it karma dear. I call it reaping what you sow... You sow a seed of any kind, expect a harvest. You cannot sow maize n harvest grapes. The interesting thing about reaping a harvest is that the same is always more than the seed you sowed! Sometimes you harvest a hundred fold!! Kama hautaki bibi atombwe wachana na mabibi wa wengine.
Sasa nini issue hapa? Even if it's true do you honestly think that if you ignore taking care of the child she'll sue you? Ataenda kotini kusema nini..'am married to x but y has been dinyaing me for a while and this *pointing at the child* ndiyo matokeo and he's not paying me child support'........hata judge atamskumia slap.....
tell her uko ready to take care of the kid but since she is married, you will be unable to take her in. Tell her your conscience would not allow your kid to suffer and as such akupatie mtoto akisha give birth. Reverse psychology might kick in since atashindwa aambie husband mtoto ameenda wapi in case she gives birth. Since confessing to her husband that she has been fooling around is out of the question, you will soon be free as a bird with your makende still intact but provided you start to cut all links with her now. BWANA YAKE AKIKUSHIKA, HEHEHEH, who knows, your makei can go never to be seen again. Note if you will, bwana yake akikushika is in caps.
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