Execution Watch:Brandon Bernard executed inspite of Kim Kardashian campaign for clemency


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What will happen if he refuses to hand over to the new regime on Jan 21st or is it 20th?
First of all ask yourself what law gives him the choice to hand over. State laws declare a winner. And after 4 years his powers run out.

His powers run out on January 20th 12pm? That means , the military cannot take his orders. Justice department cannot take his orders. If he refuses, the office will vacate him. No government body can legally take his orders.


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Lakini Brandon akiwasha muoto kwa hio Gari akiwa ameshikilia kidukulu alikuwa anacheka sana. Sasa amekula ujeuri wake.
His lawyers argument is that the white couple were dead by the time he set the car on fire but soot was found in the lady's lungs meaning that she was still breathing.