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One of Liberia’s main opposition parties has called for a halt in announcing the result of
Tuesday’s presidential election, citing irregularities in the vote.
The Liberty Party’s candidate Charles Brumskine was considered one of the front-runners to take over from Nobel Peace Prize winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, but local media reports put former football star George Weah and Vice President Joseph Boakai in the lead.
The National Elections Commission (NEC) was expected to release preliminary results on Thursday.
“The Liberty Party is deeply troubled by the discovery of numerous incidents of irregularities and fraud that occurred during the elections,” Liberty Party national chairman Benjamin Sanvee said in a statement.
“We are calling on NEC to immediately halt further announcements of election results. If
NEC does not cooperate with our request, we will take the appropriate legal action,” he said.
Liberia is another kettle of fish. Ee have been entertaining JaKuon since '82 and have had very little upheaval by African standards. Huko kikipasuka!!
Seems like Jaguok' from the Orange revolution of Ukraine made pupils in the continent... If the sign of loss appears start the end of the election process... Cause violence and more violence in the name of reforms then vuala! A negotiated settlement is agreed.
And what's free and fair. Whats the yardstick for free and fair. What's the ultimate formulae of free and fair
...removing public officers unconstitutionally... Terminate legal contracts of reputable firms through rumors... Yeah! That's free and fair according to naswa.


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Liberia is a hell hole. I had this friend in college who had just two fingers on her left hand, after the rest were chopped off during the war. Thankfully, we are very mild mannered and matured as compared to them.