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There are three things that I fear in my life: Getting HIV, getting into a car accident and my phone battery dying on me :(. I am one of those people who never put their phone down.I am very active on Twitter, FB and whatsapp . I also like using google chrome to surf which kills the battery a good one. I hate having to switch off my internet ati so that I can save my battery.

So you can imagine I am always having issues with battery power. I hate the idea of being rooted to the socket so I bought a very big powerbank but then Id still have to physically charge my phone. Plan B was to buy a spare battery which would charge separately on a universal charger but then Id have to keep removing batteries which is not fun at all.

Then I discovered extended batteries. These motherfuckers are humongous batteries that contain 3 times the power of a normal battery. I got mine over the weekend and I have been in heaven. For the first time since I got a smartphone, I spent a whole day, went to bed, woke up and spent a 2nd day without having to charge my phone.

Of course there is a price to pay. Because of the larger size, the phone loses its sleek slim look and gains a little weight he he. I am however willing to make these sacrifices for at least 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply on my smartphone :):):)

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