Facts about Sex

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Senior Villager
1. Sex is NOT love. Love is not sex
2. You can have sex and not be in love. You can be in love and not engage in sex.
3. A man may hate you and still have sex with you, but if you doubt this, ask the rapists, if they love their victims! Be wise.
4. Using sex to manipulate a man will eventually fail.
5. It is self-deception to think that giving him sex will make him love you.
6. True Love will never force you to engage in sex.
7. A man who doesn't love you will not change his mind because of sex.
8. If he tells you to ‘prove your love’ by having sex with him, he only wants to use you, and once he has had enough, you will be dumped with no apologies
9. If he is in it for the sex, ‘better sex’ will take him away from you.
10.Making yourself his ‘sex slave’ is foolish.

Love will never shame or degrade you. If you have made the mistake of trying to use sex to buy this man, now is the time to re-assess your relationship and build it on the right foundation.
Lastly,i urge you all,let not your sex drive make you a mother before love makes you a wife!Many are crying bitter tears with no food to feed the kid,because of this deception of our sex drive.Be wise
If he loves you,he will marry you,then sex
Let a man marry you because he loves you, honors you, feels a strong emotional, mental and spiritual connection with you and wants you to spend the rest of his life with you, otherwise, I if he marries you because ‘the sex is good, tell me what will happen when you are sick and bedridden for months, with a doctors demand that you avoid sex for faster healing[God forbid]!
He will definitely be out their looking for another one for sex and thus sex alone can be a fatal foundation to a marriage.Hope you've heard me.God bless you
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