Fake it if you can't make it


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A Kenyan man who could not afford a Rolls Royce Phantom has become the talk of the town after converting his old Mercedes Benz, presumably an E-class, into the former.

Reports indicate that he solicited the services of Sheikh Motors, a Kenyan car dealer, for the “special assignment” which took up to six months to complete.

Photos of the “Rolls Royce” have sparked a heated debate on social media. While some applauded the brains behind the transformation for their creativity, others dismissed it as a desperate attempt to look

Here are the photos of the car before & after

13.jpg 2.jpg

6-768x432.jpg 3.jpg 4-768x576.jpg


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If the owner wants to sell it.He/she will have a lot of explanation to do to the potential buyer.That Mercedes looks old for such a number late.