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fantasy premier league: Critique my team

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i know am late with some games already played. here is my team selection. what do you think about it? make suggestions too. my main goolie will be curtois. with the tight defence at Chelsea i dont think he will leak a lot if he fails me then will sell him for Cech or Dagea. defence was kinda tough but i will be going with 3 defenders. in Midfield i settled for midfielders who are prone to scoring. Wanyama a defensive Midfielder is an addition to balance the cost. in Midfield would monitor Carzola incase he fails to please then will go for Yaya Toure or one hit wonder Ramsey hopping his game is as good as last season at start. in Striking i wanted two high scorers. origi is an addition to balance accounts though i hope he is given regular game time.


what do you think guys? is it a good squad? will be going for 3-4-3 or a 3-5-2 formation if origi wont get regular game-play.
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